Monday, June 27, 2016

Non Fluoride Toothpaste And Super Soft Toothbrush Combo Set

There are just so many people now that don't want fluoride in their toothpaste.

Many dentists still push fluoride treatments on their patients.  It's even happened to me in the last couple of years.  Sometimes it is hard to say no.

Fluoride is known to be toxic to the human body.  I understand that some say that the fluoride in toothpaste is not a large amount.

However, I've personally run across fluoride toothpaste labels that warn you not to use the toothpaste more than two or three times a day.

You don't see such a warning on non fluoride toothpaste.   It makes me wonder.

Is fluoride safe to use in dental health products or not?

One concern is the size of the fluoride ion.  Those suckers are small.  That means they may be able to get into the bodies blood stream via the mouth simply by being absorbed by the tissues of the mouth.
Well, there are plenty on the pro fluoride side too.   I'm not trying to take sides or to argue for or against fluoride.  I'm just sharing some common sense thoughts and experiences.

To that end, here is a NON Fluoride toothpaste and super soft toothbrush combo pack:

You can find it here.    or, if you prefer,  amazon

also available on Amazon

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