Monday, January 23, 2017

Alternative To Squeeze Bottles and Neti Pots for Nasal And Sinus Irrigation

If you have felt uncomfortable with squeeze bottles and neti pots, then you'll want to know about this.  

It's called the HydroPulse and it is a fantastic system for nasal and sinus irrigation.   

It was invented by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.    And many doctors know about it, although they often don't tell their patients. 

Why don't they tell their patients?  That's a good question.   It's a question that I'll leave for you to answer for yourself.  

The main question is:  Does it work?   

I had a friend, a coworker and a boss that was having terrible, terrible sinus issues and had them for years.   I guess it was chronic sinus infection.  But it made her voice deeper and she puffy bags under her eyes constantly.  She was of course, always dealing with discomfort as well. 

I told her about this machine and she bought one.  Within 5 days she was 150% better!  (I know 150% isn't possible, but you get the point - she was a LOT better.   

Happier, healthier and the bags disappeared.  She reported more energy.   She said that the throat attachment of the machine had also dislodged 'tons'  of little tonsil stones.   She said they just keep coming out and into the sink.   Gross, I know.  But, can you imagine the relief she felt.  

She didn't even know she had tonsil stones before that.   All from this little machine that they call the Hydro Pulse. 

There are a lot of troubles in this world that we all face.  We cannot solve all of those problems.  But, isn't it worth it to solve the ones we can, such as those described above? 

Chronic allergies and chronic nasal and / or sinus infections are a problem that many face.  If this machine could relieve that suffering, even some of it, would it be worth investigating?  

Always be under the care of a qualified physician for your allergies and sinus / nasal issues.    I advocate working with doctors and not against them.  Ask your doctor about this if you are not sure.  Perhaps it can bring the relief you have dreamed of.  

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