Sunday, May 28, 2017

Are You In The "I Hate Pollen" Club?

If so, you are not alone. There are so many people in the same boat. Getting the pollen out of your nasal and sinus passages and keeping them out or at reduced levels may very well be beneficial to you. There are many methods around : Squeeze bottles, neti pots, and others. Perhaps the best one yet is this one:

This machine does all of the heavy lifting for you.   I can tell you that a squeeze bottle is very uncomfortable to use.    I felt much more comfortable with the above sinus irrigator machine.

Allergies and sinus conditions are chronic for many people, but if you could have something that would help you to find relief during these times, wouldn't that be great.  

Dr. Grossan created the above machine.   Many doctors use it themselves but not everyone shares knowledge of this device with their patients. 

It's not a big secret, but it sort of is a secret.  

My Former Boss 

Many years ago,  one of my four bosses (yes I had four bosses and one more over them sharing the same working space area - if you can believe that) had a chronic sinus problem that she struggled with for years.  

She always had bags under her eyes, was always congested.  Her voice was raspy.   She basically suffered constantly with this problem. 

I mentioned this machine (pictured above) to her.  She got one and told me that in about 5 days she was feeling 100% better.   Her voice cleared up, the bags under her eyes left and she had more energy than she was used to. 

Fighting a chronic condition can take a lot of energy out of you.  My wife suffers with chronic back pain so I know first hand how chronic situations can drain you.  

Anyway, if this machine helps you get some relief, please do let me know. 

PS:  maybe you will never leave the "I hate pollen club" because of your lifelong experiences, but if you could get relief that would really make a difference, wouldn't it?   

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