Saturday, July 28, 2018

HydroFloss Repair

Are you looking for the parts to do your own HydroFloss repair?

All Repair Parts

Now, you can find these parts and reapair your own vs buying a new one.

You can find the model number on the bottom of your HydroFloss.   if that model number is  7618.034 ,  then the following parts will fit your HydroFloss:

Hose Repair

if you are suffering from a broken hose, you can find the hose assembly, as well as repair instructions through the above link.  Or, you can find that page directly here:

There is a video on that page that explains how to do the repair yourself.   Don't buy this part unless you have watched the video and are confident you can do it yourself.   

Pump and Piston Repair  

if you have a need to repair your HydroFloss pump, you can find that part and instructions on how to install it here:

There is a video on the above page that teaches you how to do this yourself.   Make sure you feel comfortable, after watching the video, that you can do this repair yourself before purchasing this part. 

Reservoir Repair

Sometimes, the reservoir is completely shattered, if that is the case you can get the replacement here:

There is also lids available if your lid is missing.    There are also o-rings and reservoir plugs available separately.  See below. 

Other Repair Parts

There are other parts available such as plugs for the reservoir and o-rings.    You can find those parts here:


Plastic inserts for reservoir:   

Order HydroFloss Repair Parts by Phone

Ordering hydrofloss repair parts online at the above links is very simple, easy, recommended and hassle free.  However, if you really want or need to order by phone, you can.  Use the following number:  888-586-6849

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