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Saturday, July 28, 2018

HydroFloss Repair

Are you looking for the parts to do your own HydroFloss repair?

All Repair Parts

Now, you can find these parts and reapair your own vs buying a new one.

You can find the model number on the bottom of your HydroFloss.   if that model number is  7618.034 ,  then the following parts will fit your HydroFloss:

Hose Repair

if you are suffering from a broken hose, you can find the hose assembly, as well as repair instructions through the above link.  Or, you can find that page directly here:

There is a video on that page that explains how to do the repair yourself.   Don't buy this part unless you have watched the video and are confident you can do it yourself.   

Pump and Piston Repair  

if you have a need to repair your HydroFloss pump, you can find that part and instructions on how to install it here:

There is a video on the above page that teaches you how to do this yourself.   Make sure you feel comfortable, after watching the video, that you can do this repair yourself before purchasing this part. 

Reservoir Repair

Sometimes, the reservoir is completely shattered, if that is the case you can get the replacement here:

There is also lids available if your lid is missing.    There are also o-rings and reservoir plugs available separately.  See below. 

Other Repair Parts

There are other parts available such as plugs for the reservoir and o-rings.    You can find those parts here:


Plastic inserts for reservoir:   

Order HydroFloss Repair Parts by Phone

Ordering hydrofloss repair parts online at the above links is very simple, easy, recommended and hassle free.  However, if you really want or need to order by phone, you can.  Use the following number:  888-586-6849

Monday, June 29, 2015

Clear Plastic Ring On Bottom Of HydroFloss Is Missing?

The only two replaceable pieces on the bottom of the HydroFloss reservoir are the white plastic insert and the black o-ring. 

If you are seeing that a clear plastic ring is missing, it's actually broken off and not missing.  It is one solid piece with the rest of the reservoir.   (you can see a picture here.)

There is only one hydrofloss model at the time of this writing.  You can find the model number stamped on the bottom of the HydroFloss.  It is:   7618.034


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Am All Smiles Again Thanks To My Hydro Floss Repair Kit!

This is a review from another happy customer: 

You can checkout the repair kit here. 

Ask questions in the comment section below or in the chat box to the bottom right (if it's still there when you read this). 





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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Repair Hose For The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

repair hose for teh Hydro Floss oral irrigator
The hydro floss repair hose is  available at Toothy Grins Store. 

Sometimes a cat whacks the hose.  Those little sharp claws can poke a hole. 

Another problem may be putting a curling iron down next to the hose.  This does happen and people do burn their hose.

When this happens, they generally need a new one.   That's why Toothy Grins has this hose. 

Usually, you need a little bit of mechanical skill to open the machine and successfully reinstall the hose.  

If not,  you may consider getting a new Hydro Floss (also at

If you have any questions, please do call 1-888-586-6849.

hydrofloss oral irrigator hose replacement



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Saturday, August 10, 2013

HydroFloss Repair Kit # 3

hydro floss repair kit
This is the Hydro Floss repair kit number 3. 

You can find additional reapair kits with different items here. 

As you can see, repair kit number 3 comes with:

  •  2 o-rings for the bottom of the reservoir.  
  • 2 Plastic inserts, which also go into the bottom of the reservoir.   
  • 1 package containing 4 regular jet tips.  (jet tips should be changed once every 90 days)
  • 1 complete reservoir which includes the lid, plastic insert and o-ring as well. 

Very astute!  Yes, that means you are getting 3 o-rings and 3 plastic inserts when you include those attached to the compete reservoir replacement that comes with this kit.

Of course, you can always get individual parts,  but this package repair kit gives you more bang for your buck. 

Extend the life of your Hydro Floss with this kit. 

Cost savings on a brand new Hydro Floss. 

When you consider how the Hydro Floss has helped people to avoid very expensive treatments and lost teeth, the $98 it costs to protect a family of four is money that is very well spent.

Your dentist can verify your results by comparing your previous periodontal pocket depths to what you have after using the Hydro Floss properly for at least 1 month.

Generally speaking,  most dental practitioners will consider you gums healthy when your periodontal pocket depths are at 3mm or less.

So, don't be shy about getting a new Hydro Floss, the cost is more than justified.

If you have questions, you are invited to ask.  No obligation, but a little knowledge might make a big difference and that is sure better than having unanswered questions!  Agreed?  Yes, I assume.  Here is the number to call 1-888-586-6849.


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

HydroFloss Review - Keeps Gums Healthy And Clean

Hydro Floss Review Keeps Gums Healthy

Dana Writes (HydroFloss Review posted on January 5th 2013 to the site) :

" This is my second Hydro Floss. The first was purchased from my dentist in 1999. It worked great up to December 2012.  This is an amazing device that keeps my gums healthy and teeth clean. The only downside that I observed is that it's louder than my first unit."  

Thanks for letting us know about your Hydro Floss Experience Dana. 

I'm glad that you feel it is doing a great job for your dental health. 

I would like to address the issue of the 'loudness'.   This is very easy to deal with.  Most people don't mind the sound, but a few do.  So, the easy fix is to fold up a hand towel and put it under your Hydro Floss.  This works great!  The sound 'loudness' comes right down.   

Thank you for shopping at and we look forward to serving you more in the future as well. 


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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hydro Floss Repair Kit Number One - Video



HydroFloss Repair Kit #1

HydroFloss repair Kit Number One Includes:

This repair kit includes a reservoir with lid, 2 o-rings and 2 plastic inserts for the reservoir.

That should handle most of the problems you have.

If you need the individual parts, you can also obtain them.

The reservoir.


Plastic Insert for the Reservoir

If you have questions or need help call this number 1-888-586-6849.


Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease : A Layman's Guide to Fighting Gum Disease

PS: The  Hydro Floss is one of the most amazing, if not THE most amazing tool to help you to regain and maintain your periodontal health.    Get yours today.