Sunday, August 5, 2018

How Long Should A HydroFloss Last?


Hey David, 

I purchased a HydroFloss from you in February of 2014. 

It's not working as well as it used to, i.e. sometimes the water does not stream out and I need to jiggle the base and water reservoir for it to work.

What is the lifespan for a HydroFloss? When do you customers typically replace them?

Also, is there a specific method I am supposed to use for cleaning the tubing? Or does is that a part that gets replaced as a certain point?

As an FYI, I have not used the HydroFloss daily, so even though I purchased it 4 years ago, it has not gotten 4 years of consistent use.

Thank you.



My personal rule of thumb is that if you have a problem and the machine is more than three years old, you should replace it. 

Lifespan varies probably due to many different factors.  I've talked to people that have had one work for 20 years and I've also heard from people who had a problem in their first year. 

As you stated, you let it sit there and didn't use it.   Like many other things in life, when you don't use them, they can deteriorate.    Like a lawnmower that sits in the garage or a car that sits for a long time,  they might not start again without repairs.  

In this world we live in, everything is in a constant state of decay.   

It could be that had you used it daily, it would not have had any problems etc.   Of course, we don't know for sure, but I think you get the point?  

A hydrofloss only costs 98  and that is less than $9 per month and closer to $8 per month, even if you had to buy one every year - which certainly won't be the case. 

So, they are cost effective and they are the best dental health tool for home use that I know of. 

If you want to purchase a new HydroFloss, you can get it here: 

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