Monday, August 6, 2018

Why Did My HydroFloss Break When I Used It In Australia?


Hi David,

Just wondering if you could help me.I purchased the hydro floss with great difficulty to Australia.The first time I used it /it just sparked and doesn’t work anymore.I would like to purchase another one from you/but am concerned it will happen again/any suggestions as to what went wrong and if there are any distributors here/apparently we used to have it but no longer do


Yes, I can tell you exactly what went wrong.  You very likely plugged an appliance made for 110V volt system  (north america) into a 220V system.  (Australia and Europe) 

That's why it instantly died.  It essentially fried the electrical and motor in the HydroFloss 

Next time, you will want to use a converter (step down transformer) 

This is the transformer I have used with great success in Europe : 

If you would like to get a new HydroFloss, you can find one here: 

*If you would like to inquire about having a HydroFloss shipped to Europe or Australia, please use the phone number at the top of the screen or use this contact page.  

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