Thursday, November 5, 2020

Diet's Role In Your Dental Health

 Diet May Play a Very Important Role In Your Dental Health

Some of the original work done on dental health and diet was done by Weston Price,  his book is:  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Leading up to this book,  Dr. Weston Price ( a dentist) went around the world and tried to figure out how some populations with poor dental hygiene managed to have perfectly good teeth with very little dental decay.  

He found some of what he believed are the reasons.   Basically, traditional diets trumped the 'modern' diet of processed (and now semi processed foods) Find out what he knew in the above book. 

2.  The Dental Diet by Dr. Steve Lin.  Dr. Lin also has noticed how diet is important to dental health.  One of my favorite stories in the book is about his grandmother and grandfather.   His grandfather loved to eat candy and it destroyed his teeth and health over time.   His grandmother would eat an egg after every meal and she had great teeth and good health into her later years.  Obviously, there is more to this book and you should check it out.  

3.  Cure Tooth Decay   This is a very interesting book that might help you to heal cavities and strengthen your teeth via diet.   Most of the information is sound and the first book mentioned - Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is referenced as a major source for the author of Cure Tooth Decay.  

The author of this book is Ramiel Nagel.  He has passed away at the young age of 38.   There are some things I don't agree with.   "Fermented"  Cod Liver Oil is something I would avoid.  Regular cod liver oil is fine.   I would not eat raw meat or raw organ meats under ANY circumstance.  Finally,  he is against xylitol which I am not.  Xylitol has proven itself to be helpful for dental health - both cavities and gum disease.  Other than that, it is a great book to read if you are interested in improving the health of your teeth.  

4. Finally, if you like my work, please consider purchasing my book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease.  It's not really about diet.  It's more about, well, exactly what the title suggests.   

The HydroFloss oral irrigator is one of the most elegant, simple and effective tools that I have found to be helpful in my fight against gum disease - a problem that dental professionals tell us affects about 3 out of every 4 people.  It's also one of the leading causes of tooth loss.  

*always be under the care of your dentist or periodontist for issues regarding your dental health. 

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