Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Case For The HydroFloss Oral Irrigator

Gum disease is a problem that has plagued humankind for thousands of years.   It is not new.  It goes by many names:  Gingivitis, gum disease, periodontal disease, stage 2 periodontal disease, etc.   What is important to know is that all of those names are simply the same disease process in different forms or stages.  

The underlying problem is the same, the extent of damage is different.   Many dental experts say that 75% or about 3/4 of the human population is afflicted with this problem.  Some say 80%.   
But many people can change the problem.   It's important to understand that the disease process is very likely arrested if you can shrink your periodontal pockets down to 3mm or less.   Most dental professionals, general speaking, will agree that your gums are healthy when those pockets are 3mm or less.  
This gives you a goal to shoot for.  
When I was personally struggling with this problem, I tried many things.   But, what really, really worked for me was a device called the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator.    
Over the years, I have spoken to many people and others have told me they have seen their periodontal pockets shrink.  They attribute it to the HydroFloss as I did in my personal case.  
If you want to take charge of this problem and want to try and shrink your pockets down to 3mm or less - as measured by your dentist or hygienist, I believe that the HydroFloss is your best chance to do so.   
I believe it is the quickest, simplest, easiest and most eloquent way to deal with this problem.  There may be some who think they have a better method, but I feel confident that the HydroFloss is the best way to do it.  
You can use coupon code toothy5  at either of the below stores to get your HydroFloss (if you want one). 
I wish you the best in both your dental health and your overall health.  
David Snape
Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease 
Stay well.  

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