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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monetizing Your Blog - Not With Information Products

Lot's of people have been trying to monetize their blogs with information products. 

From what I've seen from about 10 years + of being online, information products don't really cut it very well.   There may be a few exceptions - but they really are not the greatest way to go.

Instead, selling physical products is something that has been going on for thousands of years.  It works the same,  pretty much online as offline.    And this model will probably still be around far into the future.

People pay something and get something they can hold in their hands.   It is just what we are really used to.    Even when you buy a cup of coffee, you have something in your hand that you then drink.  But, what would you do with a digital cup of coffee?  

You have big companies like Amazon which have made their fortunes on physical products.   Yes, there are kindle books and stuff like that.  But I do believe, even today, they make the most profit from their physical products.

Many information products have more to do with creating a 'product launch' and short term cashflow rather than a long term viability.   That is a whole different ball game.   It is like the seminar gurus that go around selling 'success'.   How many people really end up more successful from going to a seminar?

Please be very careful when investing in or even selling information products.   It's scary out there.  

Even in the best of circumstances,  I think it is pretty hard to sell information products long term online.    I've bought plenty in my day and some have been very expensive too.    I'm afraid there is not much value to be gained in any of them - when all is said and done.  So much wasted money. 

I have had my best luck, both as an affiliate and as a merchant, selling physical products.

And now we have an affiliate program for you to sell physical products as well.  Sign up now. 

If you have questions about anything I've said here, feel free to comment below.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Did You Know That Toothy Grins Store Has an Affiliate Program?

It's True

We do have one.   Just go to the site's main page and scroll down to the bottom.  You will see a link that say's  "Become and Affiliate".

I am always amazed at the clever ways affiliates find to make sales.   Frankly, it is beyond me at times.  And I am perfectly happy that way.

I think hard working affiliates deserve to get paid for what they do.  That's why our basic commission rate is 12%.     That's a little bit more than most online retailers of physical products offer.

Tired of selling digital products that people don't really want or need?   Then perhaps it is time to sell physical products where the customer receives something tangible in exchange for their money.

This is the honest, time honored way of doing things.   People have been exchanging products and services for hundreds, if not thousands of years.   It still works.

Ideas For Promotion

Use our video series to help sell our products.   You will find plenty of videos on youtube for our store.   Just contact me here and we can discuss it.  You can embed videos in your blog or website, create informative content around the video, and then use your affiliate link(s) to earn cash for your hard work.

You can link to our customer reviews or to our products. Create your own informative page about one or more of the products and you are on your way. 

We even have coupons that you can promote as an affiliate.  ToothyGrins5 is a good one.  You can find more coupons on this page.   As you know, people are always looking to save.  Offering them a coupon may be exactly what you need to start making sales.

You'll want to think outside of the box and create your own ideas for generating sales.  That's what it takes.

 Just go to the site's main page and scroll down to the bottom.  You will see a link that say's  "Become and Affiliate".

You can sign up there.


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