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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hydro Floss Groupon

There is NO HydroFloss groupon that I am aware of.

The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator is a premium device that can provide great improvement to your dental health.   That is priceless.

Consider that the cost of a single implant is often over $2000 in the US.   Multiply that by however many teeth you have and you can imagine how a little prevention can save you big time!

A SRP (scaling and root planing or deep cleaning treatment) probably averages around $1500 in the US.   There again, you can potentially save a lot of money via prevention.

Your dentist and hygienist would probably love to see your gum health improve.   About 75% of people have a problem in this area as denoted by widely accepted statistics.   So, the chances that you could run into one or more expensive problem over the next couple of years, let alone next several decades, could be worth noting.

Don't leave your dental health to chance.  Gum disease is the NUMBER ONE cause of tooth loss.

You have a chance to help yourself make a big difference, starting today with your selection of the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator.   Don't miss this chance.  


hydrofloss groupon


Monday, July 22, 2013

Many People Still Don't Know About The Hydro Floss

verify your results.  I guess I can only blame myself for that.   I've worked very hard to help people understand how the Hydro Floss can benefit themselves and their families. 

Of course, it is complicated to help people understand a new (to them) concept.   When people don't understand something or think it isn't possible, they have a tendency to disbelieve or reject the information.    Isn't that how it is with many things in life?

Yet, I find it so very interesting to run across people who get great results with their Hydro Floss.  Perhaps they save some teeth or perhaps they avoid a 'deep cleaning' treatment like I was able to do.  It was my dentist at the time who verified that, "You  no longer needed that treatment". 

It's interesting how even a great or excellent tool or idea has trouble spreading.   For example: That very same dentist I just mentioned, she never asked me what I did to make my gums healthy again!

Why didn't she ask me?  You would think she would be interested in telling her other patients who are struggling with periodontal issues, wouldn't you?   It didn't happen that way.

I'm not the first and want be the last to achieve good results.  I hear from customers quite often.  I just heard from Claude the other day.

What Do I Keep Pushing Forward With Telling People About The Hydro Floss? 

It's stories like Claude's and many other people that keep me going.   I know the Hydro Floss can help people and probably others in their families as well. 

Unfortunately, people usually find me when they are looking for answers, for solutions.   It would be great if people would listen to me before that point.  

Why do I say that?   We know that about 3 out of every 4 people have gum disease right now.  That's what many dental professionals say.   

Verifying Your Results 

I'm all about using the HydroFloss and then verifying your results with your dentist through the measurement of periodontal pocket depths.   This is the real, objective way to determine if the Hydro Floss is helping you or not. 

Frankly,  many people don't know how to use it correctly.  They still get results sometimes, but with a little more informaon, a little more tweaking, they can often give themselves the gift of even greater results. 

Call us.  Ask for David.  1-888-586-6849.  I can help you understand the 'best practice' for getting the most out of your Hydro Floss and how you can have your dentist verify your results or the lack thereof.     There is something magical about having someone to talk to. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity.   Give yourself the gift of better dental health.   You'll know if it is working because you will know how to ask the right questions of your dentist or hygienist to get your confirmation. 

Will it work for everyone?  No, that would be impossible.  Will it work for a lot of people.  Yes, it can,  particularly if they know how to use it properly.  Sometimes, a little knowledge can go a LONG way.

Call now.  1-888-586-6849.


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Friday, June 28, 2013

Help! My Hydro Floss Reservoir Shattered

Question:  My Hydro Floss Reservoir shattered, what can I do?

Answer:  No problem, so long as the oral irrigator you are referring to his a Hydro Floss.  

The nice thing about it, is that the Hydro Floss hasn't changed in 25 years.  So, no matter how old your Hydro Floss is  (as of June 28th 2013)  This reservoir will fit it. 

You can also order by phone at  1-888-586-6849. 


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HydroFloss Public Community

I created a new public community for both Hydro Floss users and those interested in getting their questions answered about whether this is the right machine for them or not. 

Yesterday, I had created a private community.   However, I have realized that it would probably be better to have a public one that would be easier for people to find and join.  


PS:   Get your free guide to stopping bad breath   or gum disease

PPS: if you have comments, opinions, questions or something to add to this page , please use the "Enter Comment Here" section below