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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Periodontal Disease Incidence And Dr. Nagelberg's Article

I found an interesting article by Doctor Richard H. Nagelberg, DDS on the Dental Economics website.    Here is the full article

In this article Dr. Nagelberg discusses how high the incidence of periodontal disease is and how it is under addressed and under served across the nation.   I suspect that won't be surprising news to most dentists and hygienists.

One thing he did mention though is that many patients are only receiving regular cleanings when they should be receiving special periodontal treatments.   That's a tough one, I agree.

On the one hand, I do believe that many doctors can guide and educate their patients to do a better job at home and reduce their periodontal pockets.  I personally believe the Hydro Floss is a great tool to help patients obtain those results.

I just wish more dentists and hygienist were aware of this device  and what it can do for the dental health of their patients.   But, so far, even after 25 years, too many remain unaware. 

Maybe that can change?  


And don't forget about prevention as well.  Many expensive dental procedures could be avoided in the first place, if patient's were more educated about prevention.   My favorite.   


PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

PPS: prevention can also help a lot in reducing an individual's or family's health care costs.  My favorite prevention tool. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Smoking And Your Gums

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Increase Risk For Gum Disease

I guess this should more or less be a common sense statement.  But it is still good to talk about it because there may be people who are not as clear as they should be.

The harsh chemicals in both cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco are harmful to the tissues of the body. The gum tissue, receiving direct contact, can be affected.  Smoking has been indicated as an additional risk factor for gum disease.

Story About Cadaver Lab

When I took Gross Anatomy it was a very interesting experience.  We had a cadaver of about 65 years of age.  He had been soaked in formaldehyde for about 6 months or longer.

He was grossly overweight.  There was a layer of fat under the skin that was quite thick.

When we opened the chest cavity, the first thing I could smell was cigarette smoke.   The lungs were coal black.  They were jet black from the inside all the way to the outside without interruption. 

By contrast, normal lungs are pink in color, like lips.   And this is an important point.

I don't think I have to convince you, warning signs about the toxic effect of cigarettes are even on labels.  I do not think anyone with a shred of rationality is going to argue that smoking is good for you.

Increased risk for gum disease is just one more reason to quit smoking!


PS:  This is one of my favorite tools for prevention and promotion of dental health