Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Covid-19 And Gum Disease

Covid-19 And Gum Disease 

Today's Theme:  "Your mouth reflects the health of your body".  

Interesting Info On Gum Disease and Covid-19  

Researchers have, for many years, noticed a relationship between gum disease and heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and a number of other illnesses.   
Farmers have always known that the health of livestock is reflected in their mouths.  Hence, the saying, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth".   
Now, The Journal of Clinical Periodontology has published an article indicating that there is a relationship between gum disease and Covid-19 in the sense of higher risk of ICU admission, ventilator need and death.  
You can read more here:  
As you may have heard me say many times: the HydroFloss is the best tool that I have personally used to help my gums to get healthy and stay healthy.   Keep your pockets to 3mm or less.   If you can do that, generally speaking, most dental professionals would say your gums are healthy.  
As you can see above,  keeping your gums healthy may have a big impact on the health of the rest of your body.   
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Thank You And Stay Motivated!  

The Journal mentioned above, also published two studies on the HydroFloss, both studies showed that the HydroFloss was about 50% more effective at reducing plaque and tartar buildup between your regular dental cleanings - compared to irrigators without the patented hydromagnetic technology.   Those studies were published in May 0f 1993 and April of 1998 in the journal.   

Hopefully, you found motivation to keep on hydro flossing.  Stay diligent with it.   Always ask your hygienist or dentist to measure your pockets and make sure they are at or below 3mms.