Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why I Really Like The HydroFloss Oral Irrigator

 I found the Hydro Floss to be an excellent tool to help me maintain my periodontal pocket depths at acceptable levels.

The Hydro Floss helped me to avoid a Scaling and Root Planing Treatment.  These are also known as 'deep cleanings' or SRP. 

What is remarkable is that the dentist and the hygienist I was working with at the time had told me there was nothing that could help my gums except for this SRP treatment.   I was determined to find another way. 

Those treatments are not only costly,  I also found a reference that suggested that they do indeed cause damage to your tissue.   I did not want to face additional problems as a side effect of the recommended treatment.

I tried at least a couple of things to fix the problem.  But each time I went back they told me there was no improvement.

The story completely changed however, after I started using the HydroFloss.   After I had used it for several months I had another dental appointment.   I was worried that I might hear the same story from the dentist.  But not this time!

The dentist and hygienist both spent good amount of time looking over my gums.  They seemed quite puzzled.  Finally, the dentist said: "Whatever you are doing, keep it up.  You don't need that treatment any longer." 

I was very relieved and happy.  After my initial excitement wore off, I could not help but wonder why the dentist did not seem to know about this fantastic tool that people could use at home to make their gums healthier and keep them that way!

I further discovered that the Hydro Floss had been written about not just once, but twice in a professional dental journal.   It was the Journal of Clinical Periodontolgy.   This made me wonder even more: "Why didn't my dentist tell me about this."  Is it possible she did not know?  I guess no one person knows everything, even within their own field of study. 

It dawned on me that many other people do not know about this 'secret' to dental health,  though it has been around for a long time.

So, I want YOU to know.  Protecting your own dental health as well as that of your family can not only save you a lot of extra expenses.  Keeping your teeth healthy for a lifetime of good use is just better quality of life - in so many ways.

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Nothing can be guaranteed to work for everyone 100% of the time.  But I can tell you that I have spoken to many customers and I know it is working for a LOT of people. 


PS:  You can pick up your free guide for this tool here.

* I speak in general terms only.  If you have specific questions about your unique dental health situation, direct those questions to your dental health care provider. 

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