Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Does Your Hydro Floss Leak?

Many times, the Hydro Floss is NOT actually leaking in a way that is difficult to correct.   There are a few basics things you can try to do. 

 Disclaimer, read all safety, cleaning and usage instructions first.  We are not responsible for any damage you do to your Hydro Floss or yourself.  Proceed at your own risk. 

1.  Check to see if the reservoir is sitting properly on the base.   Sometimes, it doesn't quite fit properly.   You may be able to clean the base and the hole that it sits in with warm soapy water.  Then it may fit properly again.

2. Check to see if the plastic insert is seated properly.   You can see a picture here.  Try gently popping out the plastic insert with a Q-tip.  Then gently replace the plastic insert until there is a gentle snapping sound.   Then try your Hydro Floss again. 

3. Make sure the O-Ring is seated properly,  see a picture here.

Sometimes people are missing the plastic insert or the O-ring and they don't realize it.   Both are important.   Replacing one or both may be all that you need to stop your HydroFloss from leaking.

4. Cleaning.  Your Hydro Floss came with directions for weekly and daily cleaning.  If you have not been keeping up with that cleaning schedule, it could be that enough dirt has accumulated that the reservoir is not able to seat properly.   Clean the entire HydroFloss with warm soapy water - keep in mind the safety information and directions here.    (Warning, make sure the HF is unplugged, and NEVER submerge the unit in water.  Read all of these directions before proceeding.

5.  If there is a leak in your hose,  you will need to replace the hose assembly (video instructions on this page)  -  If you don't want to replace the hose, you may also  consider getting a new HF.  

One more tip.  To keep your Hydro Floss lasting longer, try running a 1/4 cup of white vinegar through the machine once a month to help prevent build up of sediment on the inside.  Be sure to run a full reservoir of water afterwards because you don't want to taste vinegar the next time you use your Hydro Floss!

Hopefully, the above information will save you from mistakenly thinking that your Hydro Floss is broken.   And if it really is, you will have more options and information from which to proceed.

Your Hydro Floss can last for many years.   Perhaps these basic instructions will help you to make it last longer.

But in any case.  The Hydro Floss does something for you that is priceless.  So even if you do have to replace one once-in-a-while it is MORE than worth the cost of doing so.  

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PS:  This is a great machine, it has helped me personally as well as many customers I have spoken to!

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