Thursday, February 14, 2013

HydroFloss Pump

The Hydro Floss can last for a long time.   The cost savings that one experiences through prevention of expensive dental health problems can be GREAT! 

Many people are fully aware of that.   So buying a new one every so many years is not a big deal to people who know and understand how much money the hydrofloss save them. 

Sometimes, there is the do-it-yourself fix gal or guy who just wants to buy a part and fix their 'old' hydro floss and make it as good as new again. 

That's where this pump and piston assembly comes in.  

However, this is not an easy thing to do.  Only those with mechanical / engineering skill should attempt it.   For this reason, we do not accept returns on this part.    It is important that ONLY the very skilled attempt to use this part.  Otherwise, a person should purchase a new hydrofloss

A person who gets this part must be able to install it without any directions whatsoever.   This part is ONLY for those who are really capable mechanically. 

That said, I have had a number of customers purchase this part and repair their HFs.   And that is good for them. That is why we offer this part for purchase.

But, if you are not the fixer upper type, don't fret.  That's because those of us who use a Hydro Floss on a daily basis understand that we are protecting our dental health and saving ourselves from expensive dental problems. 

While every human body is different and you just can't guarantee that it will work for everyone, I know from talking to my customers and through my own experience, that it really has helped a lot of people. 

Of course, you will always be working with your dentist or under your hygienist's instruction.   They will be able to tell you through the measurement of your periodontal pockets and your overall dental health how much the Hydro Floss is benefiting you. 

I personally was able to avoid an expensive (in the US) 'deep cleaning' treatment.   I was very happy not to have to undergo that procedure. 

You can read more about the hydrofloss here.


David Snape

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