Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Girl, The Boy And Garlic

The Story Of The Boy And The Girl And That Awful Garlic

A regular kind of guy takes a yoga class and meets a really nice girl there.    He was the kind of guy who always studied and was very left -brained oriented.   He knew a lot of stuff.  But he wasn't prepared for this girl.

She was the polar opposite.  Totally into art and the funky artist's life.   She was reading Julia Cameron and he was studying textbooks.

He really liked this girl.  He liked her a lot.  But he also felt totally out of his element.  "Who could care so much about all of this art stuff?", he asked himslef.

And then, there was the garlic.  She and her sister were garlic fanatics.  That first dinner was great, but the after dinner kiss was, well extremely difficult.  Garlic breath was really getting in the way.

Poor guy,  first he comes face to face with his first artist girlfriend archetype - which would be enough to scare him away in the fist place.  Now, garlic breath!

But All Was Not (Quite) Lost

Well it turns out that you can learn how to be an artist.   Julia Cameron's book is great starting place.  Picking up a guitar is another.  Discovering one's artistic side can help to balance things, he discovered.

But that Garlic Breath!  It was always there.  She explained that she and her sister made every meal with garlic.

In the end, the garlic turned out to be too much.  Art was cool, he decided.  But,  perpetual garlic breath was not cool.

Too bad he didn't know about neutralizing garlic breath.  Being the bookworm that he was, it's also too bad that he did not know about  getting rid of bad breath.

It was really too bad, in the end.  He probably would have married that girl and they probably would have lived happily ever after.   But, that didn't happen.  How could garlic be stronger than love?

The End...

Moral: Don't let a little garlic breath ruin your happiness...

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