Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Coupon

SuperBowl10 is the coupon good for all products at For Super Bowl Sunday.

Not everyone loves football, but many love to SHOP!   

 In the spirit of the many people who love to shop for a good deal while others are watching the game - SuperBowl10 is your coupon for Toothy GrinsStore.

This is a bigger discount than we normally offer, so it is good for today only. 

You can use it on any Product at Toothy Grins Store all day on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some suggestions:

Tonsil Stone Removal Kits 
 Tonsil Stones Can often be the hidden source of unwanted bad breath.   If you are doing a lot of things to combat bad breath, perhaps tonsil stones are the real problem?

Bad Breath Family Kit - For when the whole family is suffering from bad breath.     Of course, if you don't need so much at one time, we have smaller packages and kits as well.

Teeth Whitening Kits - It seems that everyone wants whiter teeth.  Just make sure the basics of good healthy gums and teeth are in place first.   Because whitening may not do much good if you don't have a solid, healthy base. 

Those are just some examples.   There is plenty more.  Go shopping now. 


PS: While it is perfectly find to use this coupon for online checkout, you can also phone your orders in at the above number.     Find More Store Coupons Here.

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