Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics’ Eastside Dental Clinic Recognizes Cavity-Free Kids

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Looks like the Eastside Family Dental Clinic in Santa Barbara is rewarding kids and parents with a "Cavity Free Certificates" on Wednesday February 27th 2013!  They children will also be picking a toy out of a treasure chest.

The Eastside Family Dental Clinic started this program as a way to reward kids and parents for excellent 'toothbrushing' skills.

In addition, children get their pictures placed on an 'honor role' / cavity free board.  Another awesome idea.  They had 45 kids last year and expect 60 this year. 

That's awesome.   It's definitely a step in the right direction!

I would love to see more dental clinics doing the same.   Bravo to Eastside for this great program.
This sounds like a great program for raising awareness and rewarding efforts.    Wouldn't it be cool if every dental clinic had a program like this?  

I congratulate the Eastside Family Dental Clinic in Santa Barbara for putting forth great efforts towards instilling good dental hygiene habits in children.


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Don't let this opportunity go by,  you can read more about it here. 



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