Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Her Dental Hygienist Recommended The Hydro Floss

Yesterday, I talked to a customer who told me that her dental hygienist recommended the Hydro Floss for her husband who has some gum disease issues.    This is not at all uncommon.

Many dentists and hygienists have discovered that the HydroFloss does great things for their patients.  Some even use the Hydro Floss themselves.   Why is this?  Because it can work.

Will it work for everyone?  No, it is not possible that one thing works for everyone.

Does it work for a lot of people?  Based on what I have experienced and heard from others, it does work for a lot of people.

People Are Surprised

 Just looking at a basic surface level, many people I talk to are surprised that even after 'thorough' brushing and flossing, the Hydro Floss still finds and dislodges food particles and things that the person would not have guessed were there.

Oral irrigation is good for that and you might even experience this frequently.   We haven't even talked about the power of the Hydro Magnetics that make the Hydro Floss special.


Some people, even some doctors don't want to listen when you talk about the power of  they Hydro Floss' magnet.    Yet, this power has been clearly documented in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Those studies were done some time ago, and yet many in the profession still don't know about it.  But smart doctors and hygienists are recommending the Hydro Floss to their patients.

If you are able to get your periodontal pockets down to 3mm or below,  generally speaking, most doctors will say your gums are health at that point.

What you do at home is the most critical factor.   And the Hydro Floss has made a great addition to the daily routine of many people.

What if you got the good news the next time you went to your dentist's office?  Your doctor or hygienist might say, "Your gums are looking healthy.  Whatever you are doing, keep it up?

And what does 'healthy' mean to you?   It means that you may very well avoid many of the expensive treatments, surgeries, lost teeth and costly replacements that your contemporaries will need to suffer through.

Less than 10 minutes a day, might just make a difference in your dental health and keep your wallet thicker.  All of the results can be measured by your hygienist or dentist when they measure your periodontal pocket depths.

How cool is that?   Now is the time to learn more.  You came across this page for a reason, don't miss this opportunity:

Read more about the Hydro Floss right now. 


David Snape
Author:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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