Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why People Are Interested In Making Ozone At Home

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The use of ozone in therapy has been in existence since at least the early 1900s.   Yet, many people remain unaware of its reputed benefits.

I was speaking with a customer just last night, when she suddenly said, "I think everyone should have the benefit of an ozone machine in their homes."  

There are certainly some good reason for that.   Some of the 'regular' uses could include cleaning vegetables and meat before storage.   Cleaning surfaces.  Disinfecting a toothbrush.

Then there are the 'health' related benefits.   I won't go into those here.  You will have to do  your own research on that.   But I can tell you that people have wanted one of these machines for some very interesting purposes.

Some people like to ozonate water for drinking and other purposes.   Some people like to ozonate oils to make a topical treatment for skin problems.   Some make an oxygenated mouthwash or gargle.  

There are many other things that ozone has been used for over the last  100 years or so.   Over 2,000 Cities around the world purify their drinking water with ozone.   Some of those inlcude Montreal, Paris, Nice, Moscow and even Los Angeles.

What an ozone machine does is to let you make ozonated water or oils in the comfort of your own home.   Here is an interesting guide that you can download right now about Ozone creation at home.

You can also:

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