Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How To Use Your Hydro Floss Effectively

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The best practice for using your Hydro Floss is to use two reservoirs, twice per day.   The directions that come with it do state to use two reservoirs per use.  But they do not make it clear that you should use the HydroFloss twice per day. 

This can make a big difference in your dental health.   When used correctly, there have been many people that have measurable changes when they are examined by their hygienist or dentist.

This is why many dentist and hygienists are recommending the hydrofloss to their patients.   They see the results in real life!

Occasionally, I have spoken to a few people who were not seeing great results.   I sometimes ask them how often / much are they using their hydrofloss.   I almost always find out that they are not using it correctly.

One person I spoke with said she was using 1/4 of a reservoir every other day!

I have heard many other variations on use too.   I want those folks to know that if they use their Hydro Floss correctly, they might experience a measurable reduction in their periodontal pocket depths.   It is the hygienist or dentist who will take those measurements and confirm any changes for you.

Generally speaking, most dentist will consider your gums healthy if your pocket depths are 3mm or less. Above that, generally speaking,  many professionals will say that your gums are not healthy.

Gum disease is pretty serious stuff.   It can lead to tooth loss.   Keeping those pocket depths to the correct levels can make a big difference.  Doing so might keep the bacteria at small enough concentrations that they cannot begin to destroy the gum tissue and bone - as they do in gum disease.

Sadly,  many or most  people have some gum disease.   They just don't know it. That is unfortunate.    Of course, you always want to work  with your dentist.  Get your advice, diagnosis and treatment from your dentist.

But as I mentioned before,  many dentists and hygienists are suggesting the Hydro Floss to their patients for good reason.


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* I speak in general terms only here.  For specific questions about your unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your periodontist or dentist for those answers as well as an advice, diagnosis or treatment you may need. 

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