Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conflicts Of Interest Found In Dental Research

Story found at MedScape 

I honestly think this is no surprise at all.   The problem is always the question of "Who's funding the research?".   

Private companies found out a long time ago they could get researchers to say things that - well frankly might be 'questionable' to their non-influenced peers.   But, over the years, this has continued.

And it will likely continue from here.   We can make laws and I am quite sure there are many in place.  The problem is one of the heart.   People can and will be influenced by money.

You could make it so that only the government would be able to dole out research dollars.  But that would increase costs to the taxpayers and government agencies have often been accused of being influenced by the private sector as well.

So, if there is a solution to this potential problem, it might have to be a rather complicated one.  And in the end, there may not be a 'truly workable solution' to this problem.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people don't necessarily police their own actions.   So, unless that changes, we are unlikely to see a change in the 'reality' of our world.

It's important that people always ask the question: "Where did the money come from."   The reason is to be aware of possible influences.

Researchers live in a political world as well.  If they take their research in a 'politically incorrect' direction, they risk being blacklisted and cut off from future funding.  This is a scary proposition for a researcher!  

Many researchers simply look at what these power groups and influencers want and then custom tailor a research project that might lead to the desired results.   This is how many researchers continue to fund their research.

It is sad, and it is unlikely to change.   Any thoughts?  Please  share them in the comments below.


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