Monday, March 11, 2013

Is OraMD Cool For Dental Health?

Here is the video wherein I discuss this topic:

Here is a link directly to the OraMD product  - interesting stuff on their page.

Essential oils have been known to kill bacteria.  Whether this blend is going to make a huge difference in your dental health is an interesting question to ask.

I tend to think this blend could be helpful, particularly in combination with use of the hydrofloss oral irrigator.    As the author of the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease  - I would say that the Hydro Floss is the most powerful and useful tool or product I have come across.

I suspect it does the most good for the most people.

No one can suggest a cure for periodontal disease.  That's just not possible.  What you can talk about is control of harmful bacterial populations.    This is because you can never fully get rid of the bacteria in your mouth, no matter what you try.

One should always be under the care of a dentist or periodontist.  It is important that they monitor the health of your gums.

The key measurement and probably the most objective / effective one is the measurement of your periodontal pocket depths.

If you are able to get those down to 3mm or below, most dental professionals would probably say your gums are healthy at that point.

Therefore, whatever you do at home, you are looking for the change it causes in your periodontal pocket measurement numbers on your next office visit. 

Or course, every human body is different and no one thing works for every person 100% of the time.  The only way to know is to try something and watch your results.  

I speak in general terms only here and specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be directed to your dentist or periodontist.  They can provide advice, diagnosis and treatment.  This site cannot and does not attempt to do that. 

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Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

PS:  my  favorite tool for dental health 

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* I speak in general terms only on this site.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by  your doctor or periodontist.  

my  favorite tool for dental health

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