Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Does Oil Pulling Actually Do Anything Positive?

 Does Oil Pulling Actually Do Anything Positive? 

You are certainly welcome to share your thoughts on oil pulling in the comment section below.

I have mixed feelings about oil pulling.   Mainly, when I experimented with it, It seemed to induce bleeding in a gum region that was previously not bleeding.

It could be that it was the kind of oil I was using.

Yet, I hear many people say that oil pulling is great.    But, what is it great for?   Does it really make your dental health,  in particular your periodontal health better?

I think the real measure of that would be through before and after periodontal pocket depth readings as taken by a registered hygienist or dentist.

Since, I had my own negative experience with oil pulling, I'm pretty skeptical.

Does anyone have information to add about oil pulling?  It can be your own experience or the experiences of someone you personally know.

If you have any real objective (or even good subjective) information or insight to share, use the comment section below.


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