Monday, May 6, 2013

Is There A Systematic Way To Improve Your Vision?

Is There A Systematic Way To Improve Your Vision?

This has always been an interesting question to many people.

There is one guy who claims to have a systematic approach to vision improvement.  

Hear what he has to say now

He also claims to have uncovered ample information that vision eye exercises really do work.

Whether you believe him or not is entirely up to you.   But,  just to make such a claim shows some confidence.

Do you think it is possible to have freedom from glasses and contact lenses?

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Ever since the time of Dr. Bates there have been people who believe in vision improvement and those who have opposed it.    Dr. Bates became an outcast among eye doctors.  Do you feel that he was treated fairly or not?

Learn How This Guy Feels About Vision Improvement

Only you can be the ultimate judge of whether this systematic approach is worth utilizing or not.

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  1. It would be great to hear your comments or stories related to this topic. Have you or someone you know obtained good results from vision improvement exercises?

  2. First of all...we as a people put too much stress on our eye sight without releasing it..and I have release that when it comes to the operation of the eyes, many people are scared to go under the knife, so why not prevent the problem from the beginning? Unless its a genetic problem where by it will need a special care, here are few things that we can be cautious of : ( 1) Watching of too much television for long hours is very dangerous. ( 2 ) Driving whiles tired and sleepy is the worst thing we can do to our sight..stiring long hours on computer screen..which is even sadder as we all are now in this technology world now where our eye sight are on our gadget screen most time.. playing games on tv and computers for ours without moving around to give the eye a bit rest by blinking for some minutes on it own is deadly..cause just like any part we have on our body need a care at a setting time..Example: when you are feeling hangry..its your stomach communicating with your mind, just like the legs let you know they are tired so its time to stop running when they have hit their limit..we have to learn to pay attention to our body cause that is a took on it own that makes us..and if we don't service the parts..we become its the eye..arm..or the leg, they need care...anyone who wants to get to know more about these issues is welcome on board for us all to help each other..thank you David Snape :)