Thursday, May 23, 2013

Very Satisifed With Her HydroFloss

This is a customer review on the Hydro Floss from July 2011.   For more recent reviews, click here.

As you can see Nikki from California is: "Very satisfied with the Hydro Floss."  

I know that the Hydro Floss is a tool that can really benefit the majority of people out there in the world.    Most families and individuals could probably benefit from having one. 


Well, for example, here is a story about following a hygienist's recommendation

Periodontitis is a real threat to your dental health.   Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss AND many people have it.  Many dental professionals say that 75% or 3 out of every 4 people have some now.  

So What Do You Do About This?  

One of the key measurements that your dentist or hygienist will use to check your periodontal health is what is called - Periodontal Pocket Depths. 

This numbers are important to you.  Generally speaking, any pocket depth above 3mm is considered problematic.    Again, generally speaking,  pocket depths of 3mm and below are considered healthy.

So shrinking these pockets becomes important to you (if any or some are above 3mm).  

Can the Hydro Floss Help YOU?  

Maybe,  the best way to find out is to know your 'before' numbers.   

Then,  use the Hydro Floss effectively for at least one month. 

Finally, have your doctor or hygienist measure those pockets again.   That's how you can find out! 

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