Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dental Implant Doctor Gets An Implant and Wants a Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


In this video I discuss a conversation I had with a customer who was also formerly and implant doctor.  She was getting an implant herself and called to get a Hydro Floss.  

She knew much about the HydroFloss and told me that they would put their implant patients on the Hydro Floss after their implants were placed (after healing up of course - you wouldn't use one right away - that's for sure)  

The key point is that I believe many implant doctors found that their patients responded to the implant better when they had a Hydro Floss to help protect the new implant.   

There are problems that implants can have and therefore,  if I understand correctly, the hope would be that using the HydroFloss would help to prevent those problems. 

Of course, they Hydro Floss is not 'only' for implant patients.  I have found it, in my personal experience,  to be very important to gaining and maintaining periodontal health. 

Many of my customers love their HydroFloss and don't want to be without one for any period of time.  

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