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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dental Implant Doctor Gets An Implant and Wants a Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


In this video I discuss a conversation I had with a customer who was also formerly and implant doctor.  She was getting an implant herself and called to get a Hydro Floss.  

She knew much about the HydroFloss and told me that they would put their implant patients on the Hydro Floss after their implants were placed (after healing up of course - you wouldn't use one right away - that's for sure)  

The key point is that I believe many implant doctors found that their patients responded to the implant better when they had a Hydro Floss to help protect the new implant.   

There are problems that implants can have and therefore,  if I understand correctly, the hope would be that using the HydroFloss would help to prevent those problems. 

Of course, they Hydro Floss is not 'only' for implant patients.  I have found it, in my personal experience,  to be very important to gaining and maintaining periodontal health. 

Many of my customers love their HydroFloss and don't want to be without one for any period of time.  

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Will The Hydro Floss Work For You?

Ultimately, there is no real way to know for sure.   This is because every single human body is different and every person is in a different situation.  There is no way to say that any one thing will work 100% of the time for everyone.   That would be impossible!

However, here is a way to tell if the Hydro Floss will work for you.  You will need the measurements of the periodontal pocket depths that are given to you (or should be) at every dental office cleaning.  You are going at least twice per year to get your teeth cleaned, right?

So, you take those numbers as your baseline.  Let's say for example you have a bunch of 4mm pockets, a few 5s and maybe a 6.

You use the HydroFloss twice per day with 2 reservoirs per use.   That's a total of 4 reservoirs per day.

Then,  on your next regularly scheduled dental appointment you can ask them to measure you again.   If the numbers have become smaller, that could be a sign that the Hydro Floss worked for you.
It worked for me personally.  But you can't go by my personal experience because every human body is different.

You see, generally speaking, most dental professionals will say that your gums are healthy if your periodontal pocket depth numbers are at 3mm and below.   Likewise, most professionals will consider your gums to be unhealthy if you have pocketing greater than 3mm.

So, that is how you can tell if the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator  will work for you.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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* I speak in general terms only on this site.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by  your doctor or periodontist.   

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hydro Floss Trouble Shooting Tips Video

You can find the original text post here

Here is the video:

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Sometimes a little knowledge goes a long way towards fixing a problem and saving money.  Remember the customer I talked about in the video?

Simply changing out tips seemed to help him tremendously.   Maybe that is all you need as well?

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Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

PS:  my  favorite tool for dental health 

PPS: PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

* I speak in general terms only on this site.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by  your doctor or periodontist.  

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Conservative Gum Disease Treatment Helps Patient Avoid Surgery

You can read the article I am referring to here.

A St. Louis doctor and his hygienist were able to stop the progression of gum disease and help a patient avoid surgery who, under normal circumstances, would typically be referred for surgery. 

This is, of course, a good thing.  

Education is Really The Key

The article went on to say that 1/2 of all people have gum disease.  However, many professionals put the number far higher.  

The article correctly states that gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss.   The problem is one of education and prevention.

If people understood that they can have more control over their dental health by disrupting that plaque on a daily basis,  they would most likely have a lot less problems and smaller dental health bills in the future. 

I spoke to a woman recently that only gets her teeth cleaned once every five years.  I was a tiny bit surprised.  This person cited the high cost of dental care as the reason she only gets the cleaning once every 5 years. 

The problem is that this 'cleaning' ends up being the more expensive 'deep cleaning'.    We certainly cannot fault someone for wanting to save money.   But, wouldn't it be wonderful if the costs of regular cleanings could be brought down to the point that people would feel good about getting their teeth cleaned at least twice-per-year?  

I know that is wishful thinking, you don't have to tell me.   Dental hygienists are the unsung heroes of dental care.  They get in their and really clean things out for the patient.   It is just too bad that many patients seem to be unable to keep the plaque and tartar buildup between office visits to a minimum.  

Could education and a focus on effective prevention tools and techniques help reduce the problems?   I personally like the Hydro Floss.  Many dentists and hygienists have found that it can really help their patients do a better job at home.

I am glad that the dentist and hygienist were able to save at least one of their patients from invasive treatments.  Wouldn't it be great if more could be saved from that in a cost effective and simple way?


David Snape
Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease 

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Friday, December 28, 2012

HydroFloss Is Different Than A Water Pik

The HydroFloss is Not A Water Pik

Most of my customers are well informed about what a Hydro Floss is and how it is different from a Water Pik (or any other brand of oral irrigator).   Many get the Hydro Floss on the recommendation of their friend or their doctor.

In the case of a friend, it is usually someone who discovered that using the Hydro Floss helped their dental health to improve.   They realize it is saving them money over the long haul by reducing the need for expensive treatments.   Dentists recommend it because they also know that it has a positive affect on periodontal (gum tissue) health.

Since 75% of people, according to dental professionals, have some gum disease,  this becomes ever more important.   Dentists and hygienists are on the front line, they see periodontal issues all the time, probably every day or multiple times per day!

Limit On Pressure

The HydroFloss is limited to 60 PSI an amount that is considered safe for gum tissue.   However, many other brands of oral irrigators go as much as 50% higher.   I've used the HydroFloss for many years now and believe me, the pressure is plenty strong enough.   You don't need more and it is better to be safe than sorry.   The reason the Hydro Floss works so well is: 

The Magnet

The Power of the Hydrofloss comes from its magnet.   The magnet places a charge on minerals that make it easier to reduce plaque and bacteria.    Researchers found that this magnet resulted in a significant reduction of plaque and tartar build up between office visits, when compared with other brands of irrigators.

If it matters to you, this was documented twice in a professional, peer review journal called: The Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  

Why I Bring This Up

As I mentioned before, most customers do understand why the HydroFloss is important to them because they have read the information about it in depth or they have a personal experience or their doctor recommended to them.

I do occasionally run into a customer who doesn't know the difference.   I do not have the heart to say anything negative.   I only bring up this topic because I do occasionally run into a customer who doesn't understand and I would like more people to be aware.

My most recent experience was with a customer who bought a hydrofloss because the man who sits next to him and his wife for all the basketball games (they have season tickets) told them how great the Hydro Floss was.   The wife decided to buy a Hydro Floss.

The man called me and mentioned that he wanted to return the Hydro Floss because they did not realize it was 'like a water pik'.   "Well, sir, it is really not like ... "

I hope by now, you understand why it is not 'like a Water Pik'.   I'm not putting any brands down here.  I am only explaining that there is a difference.    In fact, we may start carrying Water Pik for those customers that really want them.   But I digress...

This post is about the Hydro Floss,  if you want to know more about it, I have put a lot of information on this page. 

I respect all brands.  I am just explaining the differences here between a HydroFloss and other Oral Irrigators.    It seems that many people think of a single brand when they think of an oral irrigator and that brand happens to be Water Pik - which is a credit to their long standing in the marketplace.

In case you are wondering, I still use a Hydro Floss daily and intend to keep on doing so.  

If you are still not clear on the differences,  read this page or call me at 1-888-586-6849 .  You can also read about the customer reviews


David Snape

About The Author

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* I speak in general terms only here.  Specific questions about your own unique dental health situation should be directed to your periodontist or dentist.

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Hydro Floss Customer Reviews

HydroFloss Customer Reviews

 The Hydro Floss

At Toothy Grins Store, we have obtained some rather impressive customer reviews for the Hydro Floss.

You can read them here:

We have approximately 12 pages of these reviews all written by real customers over the last 3 or so years.

I am very happy to sell the Hydro Floss as it is one of the tools that I mention in the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

I have heard from a good number of people over the last several years.  They have told me about their experiences with the Hydro Floss and how it has really improved / helped their dental health.

Incredible Benefits And Dental Health Prevention From the Hydro Floss

When you think about it,  $98 is really nothing if you can save yourself from one dental surgery, one SRP treatment,  one implant or even one simple cavity and filling.  

The Hydro Floss has a proven track record and has been around for about 25 years now.   Yet, many people are still unaware of how much it can help them.   I have kind of turned it into a mission of mine to help people become more aware.

There really is nothing else like it.   It is NOT a Water Pik.   It does more than other irrigators can do and that has been clearly documented in a professional journal twice!

That journal is The Journal Of Clinical Periodontology.    If you are not sure, Periodontology is the study of the tissues that support your teeth.   They are very important and keeping them healthy should be the primary focus of your dental home care.

Gum disease is an affliction and we are told by professionals that about 75% of people have it.   This problem is also the number one cause of tooth loss.

The 'bad bacteria'  are responsible for cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more.   Have you heard some people make the point that the problem "is not sugar".   In a sense they are right, but on the other hand, not absolutely correct.   The sugar feeds the bacteria.  In turn the bacteria create acidic waste products that attack your tissues.   More sugar equates to more acid!

This cycle causes oral health problems.  Under plauqe and tartar is where the 'bad bacteria' grow and accumulate under a shield from oxygen. 

The Hydro Floss has been shown to create a much greater reduction in plaque and tartar build up when compared to irrigators that do not use the same patented magnetic technology.

This is the primary reason the Hydro Floss is superior.   You can help me educate people on this topic by liking and sharing this page as well as the other pages on this site.

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PS:  Get your free guides on fighting gum disease and stopping bad breath  

*I speak in general terms only, specific questions about your own unique dental health situation should be addressed to your periodontist, dentist or doctor.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 16

What You Should Know About Gum Disease Part 16 Video:

 The Full Book

Part 15  

Part 17

suggested tool

Interesting Perspectives From My Customers

I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers who purchased a Hydro Floss today.

We talked about the work of Weston Price and potential problems with some popular health food items today.  We also talked about radioactivity in Europe and now on the West Coast of the US.

It is quite amazing how many of us easily forget about the radioactive disasters of yesterday that can be affecting our food supply and ourselves today.

Anyway, I digress.  We are here to talk about gum disease.  But, I truly enjoy the different perspectives I hear from my customers about all things health.  Regardless of whether I agree or not, it is almost always interesting hear various viewpoints from everyone.

At any rate, one thing we can be relative certain of is that about 75% of the population exhibits some form of gum disease right now.  Ask any dentist, hygienist, periodontist, or oral surgeon, they all know the problem is widespread.   That is why I believe every family needs the information contained within this book, whether they realize it or not.

A few weeks ago,  an anesthesiologist who also bought this device from me and works for a busy hospital told me that he was sure that gum disease had an awful lot to do with the cardiac disease they were constantly treating.  Many researchers have long suspected links between gum disease and many other diseases.

When you think about this, it isn't really all that new.   As you can see in history, one always checked the condition of a horse or other work animal before purchasing it.   Theyintuitively knew that a diseased mouth reflected the state of the rest of the body.   They would not buy work animals with bad teeth.    Isn't that fascinating?

Gum disease is a big problem.   Many times you can do something about it.   However,  if regular brushing and flossing were 'always enough', would we see the high incidence of gum disease that we do?  I will leave the answer for you to think about.    Perhaps you will draw the same conclusion  I have.

Knowledge is Power

If knowledge is power, not having enough would be ignorance then, wouldn't it?  Sometimes the technical language and professional language are a big barrier to understanding.
The subtitle to What You Should Know About Gum Disease is "A Layman's Guide To Fighting Gum Disease."

It is so for a reason.   I have put things in an easy to understand format and repeat the key points over and over again from different angles.   It is to drive home what this disease is and what you have to achieve to overcome it.   While the amount of effort varies from person to person, because every body is different, it is hard to get anywhere if you don't have the right information.

One key point is that the fight against gum disease,  regardless of whether you want to stop it or prevent it in the first place is a daily struggle.   No one is going to work on your teeth everyday, except you.  It isn't practical or possible to get a dental cleaning every day.  Yet, the plaque must be disrupted every day.

Perhaps brushing and regular flossing really are good enough for some people,  but what about the majority of people?   Again, you can draw your own conclusion.

Perhaps the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease is one that belongs on your family's health book shelf?

Use the comment section below if you would like to add to the discussion. 

David Snape

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* I speak in general terms only, for specific questions about your unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your periodontist or dentist for those answers.  They can also provide you with advice, diagnosis and treatment, while no website can. 


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Toothy Grins Store - Christmas Shipping Update

Greeting and Happy Holidays - From Toothy Grins and David,

Christmas Shipping Update

I feel very confident that anything ordered by Monday, December 16th will arrive on time for the Christmas holiday. I think that Tuesday is questionable.

After that, I would say it is becomes very questionable!

Therefore, if you want to order the Hydro Floss as a gift for others, please do so right away. If your order is in before 11:00 am on Monday, it will ship on Monday.  But, please do not wait a moment longer.  If you take a moment to order now, then you know it will be done.

If you have multiple addresses to ship to, just put the various names and addresses in the 'order notes' section and we will make sure each package is sent without pricing information included.  Please insure that your phone number is accurate in case we have any pressing questions.

We will definitely send everything Priority Mail to help insure that it arrives on time.

This is true for all products on the store, but we all love the Hydro Floss most.

Video Series

I am committed to putting the first four chapters of the book: What You Should Know About Gum Disease - The Layman's Guide to Fighting Gum Disease on video.

You can follow the series, which starts here:
This can be particularly good for those people that you would like to reach, those whom you know could benefit from the Hydro Floss and could benefit from general knowledge about gum disease in the first place.

If you happen to be a dentist, this video series could be a useful patient education tool.

The majority of my customers are not dentists and it would be great for them to watch as well. The entire book was designed to help people understand the problem of gum disease while working hand-in-hand with their dentist and hygienist.

Finally, we have a blog at Toothy Grins Store. Which you can find here:
You can drop by there and leave a message or just read the latest news / information.

Once more, please remember to put your order in before Monday at 11:00 AM to insure that your package(s) arrive before Christmas.

Thank you again for being a customer at


David Snape

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Part 9 of the video series