Monday, June 17, 2013

Which State Ranks Worst In Dental Health?

Well, I'm not sure the criteria used in this article are valid.  This is particularly true because they didn't really carefully explain exactly WHAT those criteria were.  But if you want to read the article and find out which state they are talking about,  click here.

What caught my attention though was a dentist they talked to that says she removes a 'full set' of decayed teeth at least once-per-month.   That makes me sad.

There may be some valid cases where there is no way to avoid this.  But, for the most part, most people can avoid this end result with a little knowledge and understanding.

Dental health is important.  Teeth are important.   That's why I wrote the book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease.   ISBN:  978-0981485508

One of the reasons cited for this state doing poorly was lack of dental insurance.   I can't imagine the numbers they cited are too much worse for other states, given the ridiculous costs of health care in the US.

But, I suspect, that proper home care of teeth would leave many more people with healthier teeth and gums and less need for costly treatments.

I can't guarantee anything, but I bet one of these would do many families a great deal of good and ultimately save them money and pain.   Of course, one should always go in for their regular checkups and cleanings.  That's very important. 

But most dental professionals will acknowledge that what you do at home to take care of your dental health is the most important part in determining what your dental health ends up being. 

If you have not been already, please, please give a little more focus to your dental health and well-being.  It affects so many aspects of your body's health. 


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