Sunday, July 14, 2013

Does HydroFlossing Replace Regular Flossing?

Answer: NO!  You should still do regular flossing.  Even though the Hydro Floss can be very crucial to your home care there is no point in giving up one plaque disrupting technique for another plaque reducing technique.   You should do both! 

should I stop flossing after using the Hydro Floss?
I do have some customers that claim that they have stopped flossing because they use the Hydro Floss, but I cannot and do NOT recommend that.   However, these same customers tell me that their periodontal pockets are fine.   I would like to ask their dentist though. 

The beauty of the Hydro Floss is that it has saved me from some expensive dental work.  And that is part of its power.  It can help with prevention and it can also help with pocket reduction.  This measurements are taken by your dentist or hygienist. 

When you get your pockets down to 3mm and below, generally speaking, most dental professionals will consider you gums healthy.  On the other hand, above 3mm, generally speaking is considered unhealthy.  If a tool, like the Hydro Floss, can save you from a $1600 root scaling and planing, isn't worth a try?

I'm not saying it will work for everyone 100% of the time.  But, I know that it worked for me and others too.

Here is how to tell if it will work for you. 

First,  get your dentist's buy in.  Ask him if it is ok, if you try it for a month before getting an expensive treatment.  If the dentist agrees, try it out for a month.

Then go back in and get your pockets checked again.  Did they get better?   There is your answer! 

Again, it can't work for everyone 100% of the time, but keep in mind that it has worked for others.  I've also given you a way to verify and know for sure if it is helping you or not.

Think it sounds good but not quite sure?  Give us a call at 1-888-586-6849. no obligation - just a conversation to help you figure it out. 

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