Sunday, July 14, 2013

How Do You Make Ozone At Home?

Answer:  Use this special machine for ozonating water and oil at home.   Do NOT breathe ozone.

Here is a handy guide that helps you understand many different things you can do with ozone.

Click here to download - Choose 'save target as' or equivalent.

how does one make ozone from home?
Here is the deal, many people have their own ideas about what to use ozonated water and oil for. Those ideas extend beyond the guide mentioned above.   I'm not able to go into what all those things are.

I can only tell you that people have told me some interesting stories about what they want ozonated water and / or oils for.  

So, if you are curious, you'll want to do your own research and make your own discoveries. 

You can read more about this ozonator here

Here is that free guide again

Caution:  breathing ozone is definitely not healthy.  You'll need to take precautions when you ozonate water or oil so that you do not breathe ozone into your lungs.
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