Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Proper Use Of The Hydro Floss Can Make A Big Difference In Your Results. Don't Miss Out.

Yesterday, a customer informed me that his dentist told him to get a Hydro Floss.

He said that he had some 4 , 5 and 7 mm pockets.   (normal is 3mm and below)  When you get to 3 mm and below, generally speaking, most dental health care providers will say that is healthy.

One problem I found though, is that no one had yet explained to him the proper way to get the best results with his Hydro Floss.    Even his dentist didn't tell him that.  His dentist only told him to get one.

This is a big problem.  If you don't understand how to get the most out of this machine, you could miss out!   It would be like having the power of a high performance sports car but not knowing how to drive it.    You get the same results as a lesser car and those results might not be good enough!

A little knowledge and understanding can make a HUGE difference for you and what kind of results you get. 

After about 10 minutes he walked away armed with knowledge that will likely pay off in spades.   Achieving that 3mm and below pocket depth reading may now be possible.   But, to give yourself the best chance of getting there, you need the right information. 

I think this is something that others not providing to people .  It could be that they are ignorant.  It could be that they feel they don't have time.

That's the difference here at Toothy Grins Store.  Give me a call.  Ask for David 1-888-586-6849.   I will NOT charge you for 'oral health coaching'.  The information I provide you is 100% free, no obligation.   I won't even ask you to sign up for an email list, like some do.   (although we do have one).

Calling is the easiest, quickest way for you to get the right information.  That information can make a huge difference and may be the determining factor regarding whether you get the best results from your Hydro Floss or not.

 Read More About The Hydro Floss  or Call Now:  1-888-586-6849


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