Friday, August 2, 2013

Do Your Eyes Need Nutritional Support?

I have had a very interesting experience with juicing carrots.  People scoff when I tell them about this, but it is very true.

When I used to juice carrots, my night vision would get very sharp.   It was quite amazing actually.
I would literally go out into the night and I could see colors and objects more vividly than on nights when I did not juice carrots.

This makes one wonder:  Are there other nutrients that our eyes could use and are not getting enough of, similar to beta carotene or whatever plant chemical in carrots it was that allowed me to see colors more vividly at night?

Which nutrients need to go into a good eye vitamin?   This video might shed some light on that. 

What are our bodies not getting enough of that they could really use more of?

Watch this video to find out.  

sharper night vision by juicing carrots


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