Thursday, August 15, 2013

How Coffee, Soda and Energy Drinks Damage Your Dental Health

All of these drinks are very acidic.   If you don't believe me, get some pH testing strips and see for yourself. 

These drinks are not just a little bit acidic, they are very acidic.   

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Acid makes the bad bacteria multiply more rapidly.   This will cause even more acid in the mouth, because the waste products of these 'bad' bacteria'  are acidic in and of themselves!  

As a result, the bacteria will produce more plaque and eventually tartar will form.

These drinks can significantly increase the plaque and tartar that builds up between your regular dental cleanings.   

That in turn allows for the existence of more bacteria that can start to erode your gum tissue and breach your tooth enamel.  

You can see increases in both cavities and gum disease. 

Gum disease is particularly troubling because it is known to be the number one cause of tooth loss.

You can prove the acidic nature of these drinks for yourself with some pH testing strips. 

Over time, consuming these beverages on a regular basis can have a serious negative impact on your dental health.   Cracked and broken teeth is a video that also talks about this as well

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