Sunday, August 11, 2013

How Do I Fix My Hydro Floss?

AnswerYou can find parts here.  

hydro floss parts and repair kits
Hint:  You CAN scroll below the top picture and there IS more than one page of parts available.

I've received calls from people who couldn't find a part,  they did not realize there was another page. 

This is for do-it-your-self types who are interested in either saving money or in the thrill of completing a project.

In either case you can get your genuine Hydro Floss Parts here.   

Repair kits can be found here.  

These parts are not copies or replicas, they are genuine parts for a genuine Hydro Floss. 

If you are not that keen on taking one apart, there is always the option of getting a brand new Hydro Floss. 

For the benefits derived for dental health.  The cost is nothing compared to the potential savings in hefty dental bills over the years.

The cost of an implant is usually over $2000 in the US.   A gum graft can be five or eight hundred dollars.   

Scaling and root planing treatment?  About $1500 for the whole mouth in the US. 

Of course, no one can guarantee results for 100% of the people, that would be impossible.

But you CAN measure these results according to the periodontal pocket depths taken from your dentist.   Read about properly using a Hydro Floss here.  

Need a power converter for your Hydro Floss?  I suggest this one when traveling to 220V countries.

parts for the hydro floss oral irrigator


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