Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Will Gargling With Soda Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Question From Twitter: 

gargling with soda is bad

Answer:  There is little to no chance of that I'm afraid.   Soda is acid.  The bacteria that create bad breath love acid.  It allows them to multiply more rapidly.

In addition, sugar in the soda can also cause bacteria to grow more quickly.  It is food for them.  

After a slight reduction, simply because you rinsed your mouth out, you are likely to find out that the bad breath will come back quickly and perhaps it will be even stronger!

Something that might appear to work on the surface, could actually cause you greater problems later.

Here is a free (no monetary cost) guide on conquering bad breath.   You should read it completely.

Oxygenation and pH balance are you best friends when it comes to conquering bad breath.

Each person is different and how much work you need to do to eliminate bad breath is going to vary from person to person.

Here is a bad breath fighting starter kit that contains oxygenated, pH balanced products to get you started. 

do not gargle with sodaSincerely,

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