Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hydro Floss - Will You Make A Mess The First Time You Use It?

This question about the Hydro Floss  came to me via telephone yesterday. 


 Yes, if you have never used a Hydro Floss before, or any other oral irrigator for that matter, you will likely make a mess the first time you use it.

I sure did.  I made a big mess with water squirting all over the place, including on the mirror and around the sink! 

This is normal. It happens to most people.  It is a very typical thing to have happen. 


Don't Worry!  

This phase will pass rather quickly and you will be hydroflossing like a boss!   It resembles riding a bicycle.  You can read the instructions, and try to understand.  

However, the reality of riding the bike is that you have to try it a few times and then you suddenly 'get it'.  

It's the same with your Hydro Floss. 

Pretty soon, you'll have it completely under control and it will be no problem at all. 

The initial experience can be a bit discouraging.   Just get right back in there. 

It shouldn't take very long and you will have everything under control and you will be enjoying the benefits of hydroflossing daily! 

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There will probably come a day when you will start to wonder how you ever went without your Hydro Floss.  Customers frequently tell me that they can brush and floss all they want. 

But, as soon as they get their Hydro Floss out they find stuff in their mouth, stuck between teeth and in other places that regular brushing and flossing couldn't get.

When you really think about it, it is little wonder that people have dental health problems. 

Perhaps with the Hydro Floss you will have a better chance of avoiding those expensive problems down the road!

You can call or write if you have questions:  888-586-6849.

you may make a mess with your Hydro Floss the first time that you use it.  Sincerely,

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