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Janet's Experience With The Hydro Floss

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Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

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Hello,  this is David with and today I'm going to focus in on a particular review.

These are some of the reviews we have on the site.   We have 16 pages of reviews as you can see on the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.  This is a fantastic machine.  Everybody should have one.

That's a picture of me, here, Dave Snape.  Actually, the truth be told, that is a younger version of me.  It's from several years ago.  But, never -the-less, that's the picture I use.

Let me see if I can find Janet's review here.   I want to read it to you.   Janet!  Here it is.  I hope you can see that, I'm going to make it bigger for you.

Janet says, "Excellent product.  After 5 years we could not be without this product.   Just brush your teeth, then use it and you too will be convinced.  This is the best product for dental health ever. "

That's Janet's review.   What Janet means by that is, and I hear this from many customers,  they frequently tell me, "Dave, I Brush my teeth and I floss and then I go back and use the Hydro Floss.   I still see food particles coming out into the sink. "

That's true.  That happens to a lot of people.  I've experienced that myself.    You''l probably experience that too.   But, if you think about it.  This is the Hydro Floss here.

If you think about it, how can your body repair itself?  How can your teeth and gums repair themselves when there are still food particles in there overnight.  

You don't want that.   That's just one more reason why you would want this Hydro Floss.   There will be a link under this video to get to both the review and the Hydro Floss.

I want to thank you for watching.   This is Dave with  I hope you enjoyed this video.   Share it, if you did.  Like it and subscribe to this channel.   Thanks for watching.

(if you have questions ask them in the comments below or call the number you saw in the video)  1-888-586-6849


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