Saturday, November 23, 2013

Alternative Healing Methods and Leukemia

Yesterday, I spoke with a MD who is a customer of Toothy Grins Store.  He uses the Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator.

He told me that he has Leukemia and has tried a number of various methods to combat it.

These methods were quite numerous and so far he has not been successful.   He did say that he met others who used some of the below methods to effectively eliminate their leukemia.

These are some of the methods he mentioned that he has tried.

Intravenous H2O2 Therapy

Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Essiac Formula  (without blood root - he hadn't heard of the blood root part before.)
(similar, but not exactly the same)

heating the body up

Flax Seed Oil  - Johanna Budwig method


He mentioned a number of other methods too,  but nothing has worked so far.  He did mention that he knows that one or more of these methods have worked for others.  He mentioned that heating up the body worked for another MD friend of his with the same / similar condition. 

It should be noted that he also uses chemotherapy but only sees it as a method to slow the disease. 

The disease is progressing very slowly and he said he will continue to search for a method that works.   He said he typically thinks 2 months is long enough to see if any particular method will work.

I thought I would pass this information along.  He said that he has been into alternative / holistic healing methods for a long time.   I often have very interesting conversations with my customers.

He said the Hydro Floss has helped to keep his gums healthy and that he has particular trouble in this area due to the Leukemia.

*of course, you should always be under the care of a physician when facing such a terrible disease.  

If you haven any thoughts or ideas, use the comment section below to share / comment. 

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