Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Progress On Gum Care - Customer Report

I received an email from a customer entitled :  Progress on Gum Care. 

Here it is:  

Hi Dave,

I talked to you at length about 3 months ago.  I had been on a largely vegetable diet and gotten negative report from my periodontist  regarding my gums separating from my teeth.  I had one pocket at 7 mm (behind my last molar lower left).  I have gone back to a rich diet with lots of calories and protein.  I also followed suggestions you made:
  • Use 2 full tanks of water in my Hydroflosser 2 x a day
  • Use my tooth brush (Sonicare) lightly
  • Try pocket pals (that I purchased from your store) to some extent
  • Use Therabreath and Closys mouth washes for a neutral ph mouth
You asked that I feedback to you the results after about 3 months.
Last week I had my cleaning (root scaling and planing style).  My 7 mm was down to 6 mm and one other area in my mouth was better.  The good news is that no further deterioration had occurred and I don’t have to have any gum surgery.  My gums look healthy and are not bleeding.  The gum around my one implant is looking good. 

I’m going to keep using this style with a goal to all 3mm or less pockets.

Thanks for your help, Dave.

[name removed for privacy]



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