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Avoid Bad Morning Breath For A Happier Life

A Matter Of Degree

The amount of bad breath that each person experiences in life really varies.  For some of us, we seldom have any.

For others, they wake up with it every day.  It can reach the point where it interferes with both personal and professional relationships.  

A Variety Of Reasons For Morning Breath

There are a number of contributing factors that can combine to cause this problem.   I won't be able to
cover everything here, but here are some things that can contribute to this problem. 

1. The shape and geography of the tongue -  If you have a tongue with a lot of grooves and fissures, then this is an ideal place for the oxygen hating bacteria (the ones that cause bad breath) to grow and thrive.  

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about this.   If you were fortunate enough to grow with a tongue that has relatively less of these areas then you will probably have less problems. 

2. The Type Of Bacteria -  
This is something that may be influenced to a certain degree.  

However, the initial bacteria that you get in your mouth is also something that you didn't have control over.   When you are born, you have virtually NO bacteria in your mouth. 

You get your initial bacteria from your parents or care givers.   That is something you could not have controlled.   

However, I mentioned that this may be influenced.  The concept of dental probiotics is one in where you try to shift the type of bacteria that reside in your mouth.   This may take time but it may be possible to supplant the 'smell producing' bacteria with colonies that are not smell producing.  

3. Foods and Drinks -
Acidic food and drink can cause problems.  Acid helps these 'oxygen hating' bacteria.  It makes them reproduce faster.  They tend to love an acidic environment.   

Some example of such foods and drinks are coffee, soda, lemons, oranges.  

Sugar, of course, is another factor.  Sugar is food for the bacteria - both good and bad.   So, foods with high sugar concentrations are going to add to the problem.   

Sulfur compound foods such as garlic and onions.  These types of compounds are similar to what the bad breath causing bacteria secrete themselves.   While the sulfur compound foods may not help the bacteria what they do is raise the number of sulfur compounds in the mouth.  This increases the level of bad breath. 

4. Dry Mouth

This is another problem.  If you have a dry mouth, which can occur naturally, or more often, as side effect of prescription drugs, then this will help to contribute to the problem.   

Saliva naturally inhibits bacteria.   However, in a dry mouth situation there is less saliva and therefore more opportunity for bacteria to grow.  

Mouth breathers, people who snore and breath through the mouth while sleeping may have more such problems.  

*These are some of the factors that may contribute to morning breath.   There are certainly other factors, but I just wanted to give you a foundation to help understand and possibly combat this problem.  

What Can Help You To Avoid Bad Morning Breath?

Addressing the problems above, obviously.  Why not use products that can help combat acidity, and dryness and at the same time deliver oxygen?  

The oxygen can really inhibit these 'oxygen hating' bacteria that are responsible for bad breath.  This is attacking the problem at the root, rather than hacking at the leaves.  

With less sulfur compound producing bacteria in the mouth, you will have less morning bad breath. 

This starter kit contains products that are pH balanced and oxygenated.  Many people have found success with this particular product line. 

Good luck in your journey towards stopping morning breath and possibly living a happier life.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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