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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Avoid Bad Morning Breath For A Happier Life

A Matter Of Degree

The amount of bad breath that each person experiences in life really varies.  For some of us, we seldom have any.

For others, they wake up with it every day.  It can reach the point where it interferes with both personal and professional relationships.  

A Variety Of Reasons For Morning Breath

There are a number of contributing factors that can combine to cause this problem.   I won't be able to
cover everything here, but here are some things that can contribute to this problem. 

1. The shape and geography of the tongue -  If you have a tongue with a lot of grooves and fissures, then this is an ideal place for the oxygen hating bacteria (the ones that cause bad breath) to grow and thrive.  

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about this.   If you were fortunate enough to grow with a tongue that has relatively less of these areas then you will probably have less problems. 

2. The Type Of Bacteria -  
This is something that may be influenced to a certain degree.  

However, the initial bacteria that you get in your mouth is also something that you didn't have control over.   When you are born, you have virtually NO bacteria in your mouth. 

You get your initial bacteria from your parents or care givers.   That is something you could not have controlled.   

However, I mentioned that this may be influenced.  The concept of dental probiotics is one in where you try to shift the type of bacteria that reside in your mouth.   This may take time but it may be possible to supplant the 'smell producing' bacteria with colonies that are not smell producing.  

3. Foods and Drinks -
Acidic food and drink can cause problems.  Acid helps these 'oxygen hating' bacteria.  It makes them reproduce faster.  They tend to love an acidic environment.   

Some example of such foods and drinks are coffee, soda, lemons, oranges.  

Sugar, of course, is another factor.  Sugar is food for the bacteria - both good and bad.   So, foods with high sugar concentrations are going to add to the problem.   

Sulfur compound foods such as garlic and onions.  These types of compounds are similar to what the bad breath causing bacteria secrete themselves.   While the sulfur compound foods may not help the bacteria what they do is raise the number of sulfur compounds in the mouth.  This increases the level of bad breath. 

4. Dry Mouth

This is another problem.  If you have a dry mouth, which can occur naturally, or more often, as side effect of prescription drugs, then this will help to contribute to the problem.   

Saliva naturally inhibits bacteria.   However, in a dry mouth situation there is less saliva and therefore more opportunity for bacteria to grow.  

Mouth breathers, people who snore and breath through the mouth while sleeping may have more such problems.  

*These are some of the factors that may contribute to morning breath.   There are certainly other factors, but I just wanted to give you a foundation to help understand and possibly combat this problem.  

What Can Help You To Avoid Bad Morning Breath?

Addressing the problems above, obviously.  Why not use products that can help combat acidity, and dryness and at the same time deliver oxygen?  

The oxygen can really inhibit these 'oxygen hating' bacteria that are responsible for bad breath.  This is attacking the problem at the root, rather than hacking at the leaves.  

With less sulfur compound producing bacteria in the mouth, you will have less morning bad breath. 

This starter kit contains products that are pH balanced and oxygenated.  Many people have found success with this particular product line. 

Good luck in your journey towards stopping morning breath and possibly living a happier life.

Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unstoppable Morning Breath Meets Unstoppable Power

stopping that morning breathLet's say for example that you really do get used to each other's morning breath.   There are still going to be plenty of people who will aren't going to get used to it!

So, stopping it becomes a priority.

Power formulas were designed to stop / prevent bad breath and morning breath. 

Dragon breath slaying power is what is needed, right?

In addition, combine the above with a coupon like a-fg10.   With this coupon you save an additional 10% off, plus you score free oxygenated toothpaste and free oxygenated mouthwash.

This is about you feeling and being more empowered to handle your own life.   Our relationships don't just stop with family, they extend to coworkers, business acquaintances and even customers.

Power protection against that "Dragon Breath", might make your world run more smoothly, right?

Power formulas were designed to stop / prevent bad breath and morning breath.  

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

How To Beat Bad Breath - Video

The post referred to in this video can be found here. 

How To Beat Bad Breath Video:


Bad breath and morning breath are a menace to our professional and personal relationships.   We definitely don't want to offend our business contacts or our significant others - or the rest of our families for that matter.  

Many of the 'solutions' out there are temporary and don't strike at the heart of the problem.   Using the right products can make a big difference.  

Population control (of bacteria) becomes crucial.  

Start with this free information that teaches reality from fiction

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Author: What You Should Know About Gum Disease

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Tonsil Stones: A Hidden Source of Bad Breath?  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath And Morning Breath

Win The Fight

Bad breath and / or morning breath are both problems that can irritate both our professional and personal relationships.

We always want to do our best to make relationships of all types to run more smoothly.   Many people are very much unaware of the fact that they have bad breath.

On the other hand, many people know they have it and that something must be done.

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Here is a video on how to use these coupons:

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Regardless of which store you buy these products from, the information in the guide above is very good and very useful. 

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Night Date Fresh Breath Protection

I thought I would do a little round up of posts on bad breath, just in time for Friday Night Date Night!

Coupons - Because most people want to save while getting rid of bad breath, particularly when you have great products to stay stocked up on. 

Saving The Whole Family From Bad Breath  - It would not be surprising at all to find out that the whole family has bad breath issues.   We tend to get our first oral bacteria from those who care for us when we are babies.

Bad Breath Is Such A Drag  - It really is and this is particularly so when you realize that many times the person with bad breath doesn't know they have it!   Oxygen and pH balance can help.

Free Book On Fighting Bad Breath  - 
This is an e-book but it has over 40 pages and really explains what is going on and what can help.

Four great posts that delve into the problem and offer some intelligent solutions.

We all know that covering the problem is very temporary and doesn't save us in the morning when we can't hide.   But some of these things could have a long term and lasting impact - yes, even lasting into and beyond the morning!


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bad Breath Is Such A Drag!

You Know That Bad Breath Is A Turn Off

The topic of bad breath comes up in every day conversation frequently.  People complain about 'that guy on the bus",  "that sales clerk", or "that customer".

It comes in so many forms too.  There is coffee breath, garlic breath, cigarette breath and just plain old horrible bad breath!   We have all experienced what it is like to deal with a person who has bad breath.

Even worse, is our own bad breath - when we are aware of it!   Nature has played a nice trick.  She allows us to get used to our own bad breath gradually, so that we are no longer aware of it.

The problem is that everyone else still is!  This problem affects people's lives.  It can cause trouble for our relationships and in our professional life.

When you are in an interview and completely unaware of your bad breath,  that could spell disaster.  Those hiring managers are looking for an excuse / reason to either hire you or overlook you.  They have a lot of people to go through.

Like a first date, an interview requires our best foot forward.   We need to provide that. 

Selling something?   Sales are tough enough as it is.  Does anyone want to complicate the  process with bad breath?   On the sellers side, it is not so pleasant to have a customer like that either, is it?

Chronic Bad Breath and Morning Breath

A lot of it has to do with the kind of bacteria that are growing in our mouths.   There are of course, other factors too.  For example, there are tonsil stones and geographical tongues (a fissured and grooved tongue) that makes it easy for smelly bacteria to make a home and shield themselves from oxygen.

A problem like that can become chronic, that just means the bacteria that produce these older have grown in colony size to an unmanageable level.  That would be a level where they are constantly producing enough odor to cause others to notice.   When this persists over long periods of time or keeps coming back, then it is chronic.  

Morning breath is a problem that couples complain about.   Sometimes to each other but many times to friends and relatives.   That doesn't put the owner of such breath in the best light.  It can also make that person the butt  of some jokes too!

Stopping The Problem

pH balanced, oxygenated products are the way to go.   You want to avoid products that strictly mask a problem without actually doing anything to stop those bacteria.    Mints and gum are only temporary, they don't last long and the problem is back again.

pH balance and oxygen can be more helpful and the effects can last longer.  This is because both affect the rate of growth of the bacteria population and even whether they stay alive or not.

pH balance slows the rate of growth.   Oxygen can either kill them or can cause the to change the way they process all that food in  your mouth.   In either case, it is a win for you!

And for everyone else, isn't it?  

Read More About Such Products


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