Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alkaline Water Without A Machine - Create Your Own Alkalized Water On The Fly

http://www.toothygrinsstore.com/Portable-Alkaline-Water-Makers-p/alkamate01.htmIt sure seems that more and more people are becoming concerned about the quality of our drinking

There are some people (mostly the technical or scientific types) who think that even the angle between chemical bonds in today's H2O is not the same as it used to be. The theory is that pollution has changed things.

How in the world can you return that to normal? If the water molecules themselves are not what it should be, what can we do?

While alkaline water may not change chemical bonds, it can certainly counter the acid nature of much of today's drinking water.

Maybe this is a good place to start?

If you were to get some special test drops to analyze the pH of water, you might be appalled to discover that much water, bottled or otherwise, is acidic.

Check out these portable alkaline water makers. 

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Good for Teeth?  

It's no secret that acid (think coffee and soft drinks) can erode away enamel, break it down and make a tooth susceptible to cavities.   Alkaline is the opposite of acid.

A higher pH means being closer to pH 7 (neutral).   By having a higher pH balance in the mouth, you can give the saliva in your mouth a chance to do one of its jobs better:  to strengthen the tooth enamel.  

Healthy Lifestyle?

You know I'm into health and wellness and have been for some time.   In today's busy world, when does one find time to work on health and body fitness?

Maybe making little changes here and there can add up to a healthy lifestyle.   It doesn't seem that hard to carry one of these little alkaline water makers with you while on the go.

It could even sit on the seat in the car and you could have one at the office or gym.

Maybe they would even make lovely gifts for your health conscious friends? 

Check them out now. 

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