Saturday, January 3, 2015

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

I became interested in this topic when I saw some information on another website.  

I decided to dig a little deeper. - Tea Tree Oil, may not be a good solution for bed bugs.   It's not clear that it kills them.
But even if it does, proponents suggest that it must be used full strength.  That would bring it's own problems.    So Tea Tree oil, if it works, is not the best solution for bed bugs. 


I know an airline stewardess that travels to the US from Germany frequently.  She said they don't like staying in the big cities because many of them have bed bug problems.

The worst thing is that you can take those little critters home with you if they get in your luggage.  No one enjoys having bed bugs that's for sure.

While we don't recommend using Tea Tree Oil for bed bugs.  It has many useful benefits and applications. 

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