Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HydroFloss 2015

2015 Model

Are you looking for the latest HydroFloss model for 2015.

Toothy Grins Store is an authorized seller of the 2015 model HydroFloss.  Model number:  7618.034

You can get your HydroFloss from this link:


2015 Parts and all previous years

We also have parts that fit the 2015 HydroFloss as well as all past years.

You can see our list of parts at this link:


If you have trouble figuring something out...

Feel free to ask.   You can reach David at  888-586-6849.   

The HydroFloss is such a wonderful tool for dental health.  Why just get one?  Why not get some as gifts for those whom you love / favor. 

Free Guide : Stopping gum disease

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