Saturday, March 21, 2015

She Used Tea Tree Oil On Ringworm For Herself And Her Daughter

Toothy Grins advocates that you should always be under the care and guidance of your doctor when attempting to use tea tree oil for any health related condition.

Your doctor should be able to guide you and make sure that you don't go wrong.

The following was written by a customer of Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil.  We don't make any health claims,  I'm only sharing what this customer wrote.

You can read it here:

Please keep in mind that health conditions can be serious and quality tea tree oil is potent, therefore
be sure to be working under the care and guidance of a qualified licensed physician when using tea tree oil for any health related purpose.

Beyond that, it seems logical and reasonable that you should use a high quality tea tree oil, such as Toothy Grins for whatever your intended purpose might be.

Some brands are cut with other oils.

Some brands 'say' 100% pure but they fail to mention that is NOT the only oil in the bottle.

I think the best tea tree oil comes from Australia, but a lot of brands are sourcing their tea tree oil cheaply from other countries.

Why would you want to use anything but Australian tea tree oil?

Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil is 100% Pure Australian tea tree oil.  There is nothing else in the bottle, just the good stuff.

You can get this oil on Amazon.   Hopefully though, you will buy it directly from our site.


You can get this oil on Amazon.   Please consider getting  it directly from our site. 


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