Saturday, April 25, 2015

How To Make Alkaline Water At Home and Inexpensively

I have two devices that can help you to do this.   

One is a portable alkaline water maker.   You do have to add the water and shake the bottle (stainless steel) and wait 15 minutes to get it.

This is the portable alkaline water maker:

2nd Device

The other device can make alkaline water faster.  It works as fast as the water goes through the filter. This would be near instant alkaline water.

However, while you could say this is portable too.  It's not as portable as the one listed above.
It's more like a 2 Liter Brita filter that you keep in your refrigerator.

The only difference is that this makes alkaline water instead of just regular filtered water.

You can see this alkaline water maker here:


When you compare them to those machines that cost a few thousand dollars and that are not portable in any way, you will see these devices as VERY inexpensive in comparison.  

Yes, of course you have to change the filters.  For the pitcher it's every 2 months approximately.  for the portable one it is every 6 months. 

Great Ideas! 

They are both great ideas when it comes to making inexpensive alkaline water at home or when you are traveling.   Those big machines cost a lot more and generally are not portable. 

So, enjoy your new alkaline water making devices for use at home and that produce inexpensive alkaline water.  

Share your comments and thoughts on alkaline water below!  

Or, watch this handy video:  

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