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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lowest Price On HydroFloss

The HydroFloss distribution is strictly controlled and retailers are not allowed to advertise below the price of $98.  

The MSRP for the HydroFloss is $129.   

However, many online retailers choose to sell for the lowest permitted price of $98. 

If You Find One For Less

As I just mentioned the lowest permissible price for the HydroFloss is $98.  

If you find someone advertising for less, you have to wonder the following: 

What are they really selling?   - Authorized retailers are NOT ALLOWED to advertise below that price. 

If you find it for less, is this person authorized to sell this machine? 

Will the warranty be valid? 

Are you really getting a genuine HydroFloss or an Imitation?  

Where did the seller get it from? 

The only other possibility is that an authorized seller is breaking the rules.   This is not very likely because the consequences for advertising for less can include being barred from selling the HydroFloss altogether. 


Beware of anyone advertising a lower selling price!  

You can buy your HydroFloss here at   and you can feel safe that you are getting it from an authorized distributor.  Your warranty will be valid.   You will have a REAL, genuine HydroFloss. 

The machine is fantastic and you definitely want the real thing. 

Share your comments or ask your questions below.  

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