Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cool Portable Alkaline Water Maker

Check out these Portable Alkaline Water Makers  - Make Alkaline water 'on the fly'.  

Link to The Product Page in The Video

So, I think these are cool.  If you are someone who is always on the go, you can see the benefit to having something like this to take with you.

One thing I dislike is when I'm driving a long distance and I have to stop and get water.  I would prefer not to drink out of a plastic bottle.  

But, that's pretty much the only option you have at most convenience stores in the US.   You don't often find drinking water in glass bottles and even less so likely at a convenience store!   I wish!

So what is the answer to this pain?   I think these portables offer a nifty solution.   They are well thought out and designed and they look good too.  

You might even make your yoga mat neighbor jealous when they see that you have one of these by your side.    Better than plastic squeeze bottles?  You tell me!

Get an extra one for a friend.   Maybe they'll love you for it.

read more about it. 

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